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What's a decent school blog page look like?

What's a decent school blog page look like?

If only we were to sit down with a teacher and ask them to describe what's been happening in their class today, this week, this term, we all know that they could fill a book with the marvellous activities and experiences that the children have engaged with. This book would be complemented by a scattering of photographs, and if we're lucky, some video as well.

So if you were able to capture the essence of that conversation in text, then that's what the blog would be. It would be a story; it would articulate some of the fabulous, funny and entertaining ways that the children have absorbed the curriculum over the past few days or weeks. Evidence of this would be provided by one or two photographs or maybe a gallery of images. When you look at it this way, it's relatively easy.

The fear of the unknown however puts teachers at a disadvantage. Many times I have seen blog entries by school teachers which are nothing more than a single sentence with a load of pictures. When asked why they do it this way, the chief answer has been that a picture tells 1000 words.

I ask the next question, "So, if we have 10 pictures, it means we're telling 10,000 words and that would would fill many sides of A4 paper... I know you don't have time for that amount of writing, so why not highlight the key aspects which the photos in the gallery show by writing a handful of really effective paragraphs to support the images. Its not that hard!

So, if you'd like to see an example of what a good blog looks like, pop to this site to see how a single image (or maybe one or two), accompanied by wonderfully descriptive text can reaaly make a difference to your blog!