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Our Web Features

A clean and informative website is a great way to help your visitors understand what your school can offer!

We create engaging and appealing websites that work hard for your school, your parents and stakeholders, using exciting and adaptable features on top of standard web page text and images. Take a quick look below!

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Lots and Lots of Content!

Yes - its unlimited!

We allow you to have an unlimited number of webpages in your site and all of the navigation menus you will need to reach them. This means if you need to have a page for each class in your school, you can and you can add loads of images in galleries, oodles of PDF documents like policies and curriculum maps as well as video and audio tracks!

Easy to Access Support

We're alwys here!

One thing we pride ourselves on is our support. When others close at 5pm, we're almost always here, helping and guiding you when you need it most. And when you think you don't need us, we're regularly beavering away in the background, ensuring your website software is bang up to date and your backups are running smoothly, giving you the confidence that all is well.

All of the right stuff for your website... take a look!


Be proud to display school activities in cool photo galleries!



Keep tabs on school events that parents need to know about!



Offer download of statutory and general documents and reports.


Custom Forms

Gathering requests and information from web visitors

Custom Forms


Celebrate successes with regular class or school updates!

School Blogs


Downloadable letters home from school to parents!



Alert your visitors to news and activities around the school!

Popup Alerts


Present recordings of voices and actions in school!



Manage bookings for special meetings or courses

Manage Events


Show multi-locations on a single map!

Multi-Pin Maps


Animated displays of hero style pictures



Switch languages to auto translate page content


And there's MORE!

Secure Pages

Protect pages or parts of pages with a Password prompt

Secure Pages


Set pages, events and files to switch themselves on or off automagically!

Schedule Actions

Version Control

Made a mess-up of a page? No fear... use the Versions manager to bring your last clean page back and start again!

Page Versions


Break up long pages into clickable sections that slide open with your content appearing gracefully into view!

Page Accordions

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