Online School Training Support

These remote zoom sessions are provided to give our school customers access to relevant, regular and frequent online training sessions. They are free to attend* with, on average, a capacity of eight people per course.  You may "send" as many  staff to these sessions as you wish, and you may attend more than once on any particular session as a refresher for as long as these courses run. All sessions are recorded and will be accessible on our help website following the event. The URL of the help page is provided to you during the training event. All participants are encouraged to give feedback throughout the sessions and all attendees are provided with an attendance certificate for each course.

Note: If earlier events are full, you will probably find further sessions for the same course later in the month.

All registrations will be verified to ensure correct details and to ensure security.

*For schools with an ongoing support subscription


Administrator Fundamentals

Tuesday, 11th Jan, 2022 11:00 am -1:00 pm
Remote Zoom Session
Administrator Fundamentals

In this session you will  come to realise that your website administration control panel is the heart of everything you do when you manage your website.  In this session we will show you how to login,  explain the important areas of the control panel that you will work with,  help you understand any warning messages which you might see,  explain the different menu options that you can choose from to manage your site and, importantly,  you'll learn all about the concept of categories.

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