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Do we 'do' WordPress?

Do we 'do' WordPress?

Yes, we do support WordPress and we have built and adapted sites in the past which use that particular content management system. A site running WordPress is very easy to create - there are endless numbers of templates, many of which are free with even more at a very low cost - so, within a matter of an hour or two you could find yourself with a website for the most simple of situations.

Many WordPress themes are very elegant and do offer levels of flexibility in terms of visibility of content. So, if all you need is a website with the same type of information across most pages, then WordPress will probably be ideal for you. Just like Joomla, online support through services such as YouTube and are available in abundance and this means that you can start running your own website at administration level quite quickly.

How do we support WordPress?

Well, all of our hosting platforms, regardless of the provider that we use, always offer support for WordPress. The installation is almost automatic so the deployment of WordPress website is pretty much a case of us 'flicking a switch' for the basic, empty, WordPress site to be up and running. Once the site is visible, it is then a matter of applying a template which fits the business in question. You can look around and find a template which you like and we can install it for you. From there, it is a case of adding pages or posts to create your blogging site or, if designed as such, website with blog features.

The additional plug-ins will give even further which experiences to your WordPress website though the compatibility of some of these plug-ins has to be tested before being installed in order to ensure you don't compromise the stability or security of your site.

WordPress, due to its huge popularity, is very easy to use but can become somewhat unwieldy if there are a large number of pages created. The menu features are pretty good in our opinion but can be confusing for the beginner; we guess that's where our support plan comes into play!

Remember that WordPress was created initially as a blogging and content driven website so if choosing WordPress is your way forward it should tell you that blogging should be one of your core reasons for doing so! It's a fantastic blogging platform, and that there is no doubt!

Why might you change to WordPress?

Well, if you are unhappy with your small  to medium sized existing blogging site and would like to switch across to a solid, dependable and well understood content management system, WordPress is probably a great place to start. If you want to manage the whole thing yourself, with no dependency at all on third-party agencies, WordPress can also be a good fit. If you want to update your website by virtue of a mobile or tablet device, WordPress is well supported in the marketplace to make that happen. These are just a few of the reasons why WordPress may be good for you.

We can’t necessarily say that it is as hugely flexible as Joomla, and it is often difficult and time-consuming to create special tools to allow widgets within the WordPress system to be displayed wherever you want them to be but WordPress does give you that fantastic first step into a website that you can look after yourself in a self-contained manner.

At the end of the day, we believe that WordPress is perhaps a little more intuitive than Joomla, but the “sophistication” and extensive development of Joomla components, plug-ins and modules allows Joomla to be a much more versatile system for larger and more complex, demanding website.

So, yes, we do support WordPress, we love it as much as we do Joomla, and we'll be happy to help you on your journey to that destination if you need us!