Tables in your Webpages

Tables in your Webpages

Tables are used to display information in a logical and structured way and schools use them to provide lists of staff, governors and other helpful data. Tables create issues that need to be considered when creating them and they can look untidy if not done well. This session shows you an easy way to address tables and add them to your pages, including ways to style them to be appealing to the eye.

Schools are familiar with using MS Word and Excel to create documents with tables and it makes sense to look to that friendly world to help make a start. We will show you, using real world data, how to grab a table of data and place it onto your web pages. We also then explore how tables work and introduce you to some of the core web terminology needed to allow you to make your table more stylish and appealing.

Event Information

Event Starts Tuesday, 14th Jun, 2022 1:30 pm
Event Ends Tuesday, 14th Jun, 2022 3:30 pm
Remaining Seats Available 5
Per Attendee Charge Included in SLA
Skill Level Intermediate
Prior Knowledge Needed Working with Articles
Delivery Location or Method Remote Zoom Session

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