Alert Announcements

Alert Announcements

This session, intended for intermediate users, will introduce you to using articles to create your announcements and will demonstrate best practice in what the announcements could display. You will also learn what makes the announcements appear in a pop-up panel and what it is that controls where and when it is displayed. The session therefore includes:

  • Creating a new announcement article and  ensuring the correct category is used
  • Adding a Logo and text with styling to make it look good
  • Adding Links and / or files as needed
  • Using the Auto OnPageLoad Popup module to display the announcement
  • Setting the date and time when the announcement should be switched on and off
  • Defining the page to show the announcement on
  • Setting the popup to appear everytime or more finely tuned
    • This covers the concept of cookies and timers
  • Defining the source of the announcement (the article) or using other sources
  • Setting up the size and colouring of the display popup box
  • Testing the pop-up
  • Choosing a different source for the popup
  • Quick ways to disable the popup

Note on Session Joining: The ZOOM session URL will be emailed to you a few days before the session date. When you join the ZOOM session, you will enter the Waiting Room and will see our logo until the session starts.

The session is only open to schools where an active support agreement is in place.

Event Information

Event Starts Friday, 30th Apr, 2021 10:04 am
Event Ends Friday, 30th Apr, 2021 12:00 pm
Session Max Capacity 8
Attendees Registered so far 3
Remaining Seats Available 5
Per Attendee Charge Included in SLA
Skill Level Needed Intermediate
Prior Knowledge Needed Working with Articles
Delivery Location or Method Remote Zoom Session

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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