Pricing Scheme

We won't give away the fine detail of our pricing as we want to chat to you about it all in person but below we breakdown what you get in each of our three pricing areas. They all apply to every site we build but if you need to, you can arrange for different levels of pricing to suit your requirements.

Site Build and Launch


one-off cost

You get LOTS in this build and launch service. We take all and any content that is available on any website you currently have and we add new content as required. This includes video and audio, image galleries, text content and weblinks. At this stage, your world is your oyster and we include free access to all of the following useful tools:

  • Multi-Class Blogs 
  • Staff List
  • Governor Secure folder
  • Calendars 
  • Drag and drop Document Management system
  • Easy to use content editing
  • Image editing (crop, rotate, resize)
  • Photo Galleries
  • Multi-layer, animatable slide shows
  • Easy to embed Vimeo and YouTube and MP3 media files
  • Cookie management
  • GDPR proof contact forms
  • Home page Pop-up screens
  • Website useage analysis (real-time and historical)
  • Weblink management
  • Embedded E-newsetter with subscription options

Ongoing Support


per year

  • Renewal Upkeep and Management of Domain Names as needed
  • Secure, UK based Hosting
  • Daily monitoring on server space
  • Weekly on / offsite backup of all files and databases
  • 24 hour, 365 days per year access to third line support allowing us to resolve issues outside of normal office hours.
  • Addition and upgrade of all website modules, plugins, components to ensure on-going security and reliability
  • Template updating for security and browser compatibility
  • Bug fixing as and when identified or reported
  • Addition of new features on request
  • Addition of unique new areas to support new requirements
  • Help for new users who may be struggling on something that they haven't done before
  • Performance of requests usually within 4-8 hours of the request arriving, often quicker.
  • Occasional content support when resources in school are unavailable and the topic is urgent.