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Parrot Shouts 1Now and again, as and when the fit takes us, we will be writing what we see as informative and perhaps challenging updates to our blog to pass on news and views about our experiences as we work with schools and businesses, attending to their web requirements. We hope that you will stop a-while and browse our ramblings!

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Monday, 06 January 2014 10:06

Social Networks - thoughts for Schools

If I had a pound for every head teacher who said they were worried about using the leading social media platforms "Twitter" and "Facebook" I think I would have £45.00, or perhaps more. The main fears are that, let's call them, 'certain users' will take advantage of the ability to publically post comments as a way to complain or, even worse, be abusive or threatening toward the school or its staff. From experience, such behaviour is rare but when it does happen the implications for the school can be significant, calling up all manner of policies like complaints, greivances, acceptable use,  safeguarding and more.

Saturday, 15 November 2014 10:05

The fastest Google result ever?

Something rather amazing happened today. As a website development business we talk about Google and the importance of good content, reciprocal web links and other strong SEO aspects, all in the hope that if they are all done well will result in good rankings in a short timescale.

One approach that everyone has known about since the Ark has been that it can be of great benefit if the site domain name is, or includes the customer business name, forming part of a business' SEO  model. In this way, the domain itself is a keyword phrase, if you know what I mean.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 10:04

Ditch paper-based newsletters? Surely not?

Since the emergence of wordprocessing and desktop publishing, schools have sent out newsletters in Microsoft Word or Publisher to parents in hardcopy or electronically. And the timing of those newsletters differs from weekly to once per term, so we often get quite a varied response when we ask how these schools deal with the newsletter problem.

On the other side of the technology circle, it’s really interesting to meet schools who are looking at (or are already) doing away with the old concept of print and email for newsletters, preferring to ditch that old model for one that encompasses blogging. Blogs are great for schools in so many ways; they allow the author to express themselves just as they might in a newsletter, but more importantly the blog allows readers to respond with comments. These are, clearly, an area that schools have to manage – no one likes to have unsavoury comments visible on their blog page – and as such levels of moderation need to be integrated into the policy of blog management. So, is there a halfway house?

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