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Saturday, 15 November 2014 10:05

The fastest Google result ever?

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Something rather amazing happened today. As a website development business we talk about Google and the importance of good content, reciprocal web links and other strong SEO aspects, all in the hope that if they are all done well will result in good rankings in a short timescale.

One approach that everyone has known about since the Ark has been that it can be of great benefit if the site domain name is, or includes the customer business name, forming part of a business' SEO  model. In this way, the domain itself is a keyword phrase, if you know what I mean.

If your domain name includes your company name and if your company name is something folk know about (rather than 'plumbers in Coventry', which is somewhat broad) then you'll normally whizz up the Google charts quite quickly.

Of course, it assumes that your audience DO know your business name and some obviously won't, which is where all of the other well known SEO models come into play. Strong, keyword rich content, excellent links and loads of visitors for example all make the difference and will help a site ranking improve over a period of weeks, from our experience. Hmmm... weeks?

Well, that's normal and something we haven't seen before is Google rapidly picking up on a brand new, 2-3 day old site - particularly when no SEO, Analytics or other verification has occurred, such as a brand new site we launched this week.

Normally, use of the robots.txt file can tell Google to go away until we are ready but, we attempted an experiment with this new site, leaving the search engines to do their thing regardless. In other words, with no SEO work done at all, how would the site rate and how quickly?

Amazingly, the answer we found was 'erm... a bit sharpish mate'!

Within only two days of releasing the site to the customer, using only the business name as our search criteria, we saw the results on page two... line 3 to be accurate. When we compare that with other sites, with SEO switched on etc, they often take a week or two to get anywhere near that level of healthiness on Google.

So, what do we draw from this? That weblinks and raw home page content is vital but that the bond between your business or school name and your chosen domain can influence your visibility in search results massively!

Added to that, the content this site had was simple but authoritative. Using persuasive  and rich, relevant content is like a beacon to Google and it liked it so much, it rewarded it with a great ranking, within  a couple of days.

Luckily, schools names and their domains are often the same, so maybe we ought to see this more often!

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