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Parrot Shouts 1Now and again, as and when the fit takes us, we will be writing what we see as informative and perhaps challenging updates to our blog to pass on news and views about our experiences as we work with schools and businesses, attending to their web requirements. We hope that you will stop a-while and browse our ramblings!

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 11:08

What's a decent school blog page like?

I am often asked this question when primary schools start blogging. Essentially, the question stems from a fear of the unknown but experience has shown that teachers make excellent bloggers and there is a good reason for this. Teachers know what is happening in their classrooms, better than anyone else.

If only we were to sit down with a teacher and ask them to describe what's been happening in their class today, this week, this term, we all know that they could fill a book with the marvellous activities and experiences that the children have engaged with. This book would be complemented by a scattering of photographs, and if we're lucky, some video as well.

So if you were able to capture the essence of that conversation in text, then that's what the blog would be. It would be a story; it would articulate some of the fabulous, funny and entertaining ways that the children have absorbed the curriculum over the past few days or weeks. Evidence of this would be provided by one or two photographs or maybe a gallery of images. When you look at it this way, it's relatively easy.

Sunday, 14 September 2014 11:07

Shellshock bug and your Website

25th September 2014

This past week has seen much important news concerning a bug termed "Shellshock" that affects a massive number of web sites around the world, including those that we provide for schools and businesses. Spme security experts have warned that it is significantly worse than Heartbleed, a different web vulnerability which caused huge panic this year because Shellshock theoretically allows attackers to take over websites remotely.

Monday, 06 January 2014 10:06

Social Networks - thoughts for Schools

If I had a pound for every head teacher who said they were worried about using the leading social media platforms "Twitter" and "Facebook" I think I would have £45.00, or perhaps more. The main fears are that, let's call them, 'certain users' will take advantage of the ability to publically post comments as a way to complain or, even worse, be abusive or threatening toward the school or its staff. From experience, such behaviour is rare but when it does happen the implications for the school can be significant, calling up all manner of policies like complaints, greivances, acceptable use,  safeguarding and more.

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