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Tapiochre Team

Tapiochre Team

Thursday, 18 June 2015 10:02

EduKeep - School Group Websites

For many years, schools have worked together in 'Clusters' - groups of geographically aligned schools, working together to achieve strategic and tactical objectives.

And as more schools in the UK move toward a direct financing model, resulting from conversion to Academy (and other) status, many will need to start being smarter in how they collaborate and share key information and resources, to get best benefit from everthing they have and know.

Tapiochre now offer EduKeep, which provides 'cluster' or group websites  to schools to help staff in those schools to share ideas, discussions and documents, calendars and general resources with each other in a timely and secure manner.

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We only use 'familiar technology', so it's easy to use

Rather than re-invent the wheel, Tapiochre use Open Source web technology and applications in the form of Joomla! which allows us to keep the build cost at ZERO and the support/subscription fees at a low figure per year per school. Using Joomla! means every EduKeep site will be quick and simple to update and will use the same technology as virtually all web sites that Tapiochre have built for schools to date. It also means that staff can benefit from the use of free apps that run on both Apple and Android devices so they can work with their EduKeep site while away from the school setting by using there smart device or tablet.

What can EduKeep Offer

In general, all education content will be found behind a secure login (hence the name EduKeep), but it doesn’t have to be. Schools can elect to have parts or all of their cluster data publically accessible with no need for a username or password. Most schools however are predicted to want to make those documents and datasets secure and so one login per school is provided. The EduKeep platform model will hold the following useful and easy to access areas:

so anytime there is a need to send an email to the team members, it can be sent to one account and EduKeep will automatically forward it to the team (using school or private email addresses).

EduKeep Key Features and Benefits

Main benefits of EduKeep for teaching staff
School Group Event Calendar Save time by sharing event information in once place rather than emailing dates and location information
School Group Event Registration Time and efficiency savings can be made with EduKeep as staff can now see who is planning to attend and how many 'slots' are available so events can be held at the most suitable venue based on headcount and room space.
 Blogs Will foster better relationships between dispersed members of staff in a group environment. Audio and video may be embedded into the blog to allow for simplification of more complex topics.
Technology How-To Guides

EduKeep is a time saver for staff who have little opportunity to learn first hand how to apply new technology in a classroom setting - they can now access online guides (documents and or video) to help speed up the learning process.

 Discussion Forums Teachers and managers can make physical meetings more efficient when ideas and questions are handled in advance of those meetings and the fear of asking the 'silly' question is easily overcome. 
 Forum Moderation Sensitive questions and responses can be taken offline to be discussed in more appropriate face go face environments. They are not published.
Unlimited Forum Topics There are no restrictions on space for schools with EduKeep so groups can discuss as much as needed to reach their objectives.
Staff Resource Libraries  Efficiency and productivity increases can arise when 'everything you need' is in one easy to reach location, no matter where you are.
Categorisation of Files and Folders This is all about simplicity and security. Not only will this feature make it easy to understand 'where' a document is on the system, it also allows schools to make specific categories only accessible to specific groups of users
Storage of Templates Efficiency can be improved when a standard set of templates exist for the group of schools to add to or use. Tapiochre plan to create boilerplate documents for general use on all systems so you don't have to spend your valuable time doing it yourself.
Office Libraries  View MS Office documents from within the website (uses Google Docs Viewer) saving time and effort if all you need is to share a document or presentation with colleagues.
Shared Weblinks Get access quickly to the best website resources to support teaching and learning, all within a single point of reference. Adding new links is a snip and the whole group can benefit immediately.
Online Contact List Save time tracking down the mobile number of a key group member; the details of each person in the team can be shown securely on EduKeep,  so it never goes public.
Email Forwarding Improve communication with a group of users. Each school is allocated an EduKeep email address [e.g This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Open up EduKeep for Pupils Enhance Extended Learning by making parts of your EduKeep site more 'open' (no login), offering a centralised resource bank for pupils and students.  EduKeep can become an information portal to aid home learning and research.

As schools evolve to become independent of Local Authority controls, we expect there will be a growing bond between schools, so they can be mutually supportive in many different ways.


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Thursday, 18 June 2015 09:59

Our Approach

Two ears and one mouth - a ratio that is key to our success. We listen a lot more than we talk which is good for you. The more you talk, explaining your problems, ambitions and direction, the better equipped we will be to help you. Once we have that background, we listen to you some more - there is always more to a story than the initial facts!

Only when we believe that we have as much as we can acquire from you are we in a position to see if we can help. We're not afraid to say "no"; if we can't help, we'll say so and if there are things we need more help on, we'll tell you.

Either way, we try to provide what you need and you'll get it from a consultancy that understands more about you than you might have initially expected.

So why not carry on doing what you do best while we work on the other matters for you behind the scenes - it's what we do best!

Thursday, 18 June 2015 09:15

Alison Hewitt

"I'm very happy, trust me... A website that finally makes you want to look at it!"

Alison Hewitt, PA to the Principal, Thomas Becket Catholic School, Northampton,

Thursday, 18 June 2015 09:14

Tom Rees

"Great stuff Chris, just what we wanted! You have taken all of our ideas and turned them into something we are not just proud of, but our children and their parents are equally enthusiastic!"

Tom Rees, Head Teacher, Simon de Senlis Primary, Northants

Thursday, 18 June 2015 09:14

Sukh Parmar

"Tapiochre did a fantastic job in meeting the design brief.  No matter what the nature of your business, Chris has a wonderful way of meeting your needs, and creating a strong rapport whilst working with you.  Very happy with the service provided and the website design."

Sukh Parmar, Holistic Therapist, Hertfordshire

Thursday, 18 June 2015 09:13

Rakesh Parmar

"Congratulations to the team involved in developing the website for Brambleside Community Primary School. There have been some excellent ideas, advice and and features built into the website which could not have been done without the expertise, design and eye for detail from Chris Elliott at Tapichre and Brambleside Community Primary School.

Rakesh Parmar - ICT School Governor, Brambleside Primary, Northants

Thursday, 18 June 2015 09:13

Ofsted Inspector

" excellent and informative website", referencing Irchester Community Primary School's Website

Quote from Ofsted Inspector May 2011

Thursday, 18 June 2015 09:12

Mark Sherman

"Having worked with Chris on this multi-site project I am extremely pleased and satisfied with his work. His commitment, friendly & helpful nature and thorough approach to his work made it a pleasure to work with him. On top of which he is a extremely skilled in SharePoint Designer and any questions and last minute changes I threw his way (which were many) he answered and completed."

Mark Sherman, Basildon Academies, IT Applications & Learning Platform Co-ordinator

Thursday, 18 June 2015 09:12

Justin Willson

I have to say, without your support, our company profile would be pretty flat! Your ideas and skills made Universal a more viable alternative to our competitors and made us very sellable!

Justin Willson, Marketing Manager at Universal Office Automation

Thursday, 18 June 2015 09:12

John Wayland

Tapiochre offers the perfect package of state of the art design, great value and exceptional customer service. Chris is contactable in various forms, seemingly 24 hours a day with a response rate that is often minutes, usually within 4 hours and never more than a day - including weekends.

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