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Thursday, 18 June 2015 10:01

Search Engineering

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What about Google?

The content of your website is king but the art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is also crucial to the success of any website.

At Tapiochre, we have become really quite good at SEO - we often find that with our help your website can become very popular and very quickly. Of course there are no guarantees - SEO is an art, not a science - but, done well and diligently, we ususally see improvements in a website's Google ranking in just a few weeks. Done properly, using the right techniques, we have experience of seeing sites go from zero (i.e. a new site) to page one in a matter of days. Why wouldn't you want that to happen?

Most schools want their website to rate highly, so our job is to get the right information to help that happen - and at no additional cost! We know from experience that there are SEO companies who will ask for your cash and give you great ratings for a day or maybe two, but just as soon as your site gets to page one, it simply disappears!  To stay at the top is where you could end up spending way too much. This 'Pay Per Click' technique may work for some but Tapiochre don't advocate it, and certainly not for schools. Our ethos is, 'if you cannot get your website highly ranked by good content and links and hits alone, don't spend money... spend time!'

So, if you get a call from a company saying  that, for between £100 and £200 they can get you to page one of Google - they may even say they are Google - tell them politely that you do not need their services! Talk to Tapiochre instead.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015 10:00

Website Services for Schools

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A clean and informative website is a great way to help your visitors understand what your school can offer. Mind you, having a great looking web site is only part of the journey!

Keep your website updated with great news and it will reward you well to become a centre of attraction for your school community.

And now your website can be all you need to make your school email marketing experience more meaningful and cost effective. Why not let your site provide you with everything you need to make a simple, efficient and productive newsletter that will transform your website into a marketing machine and extend your communications more simply to parents and the community?

What might you want from a website for your school?

Thinking about what your school needs? Let's help you....

From experience we find a number of common threads, they are...

  • attractive and easy to navigate
  • one which the children and staff can be proud of
  • decorated tastefully with images, video, audio as well as text content
  • able to support links to other systems if needed, both educational and social, such as Mathletics, VLEs, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • full of relevant and up to date information
  • a reflection of the ethos and values of the school
  • easy for staff (and others) to use
  • able to provide two-way communications with children, parents and the community
  • capable of allowing key stakeholders to log in and store data in a secure way.
  • is easy to find on Google and can report on usage (statistics)
  • low cost to start up and low cost to run and maintain
  • not dependent on proprietary software or expensive licences
  • compliant with recent regulations.

 With Tapiochre you will be working with a small but efficient agency which ticks all of these boxes. Oh, and probably a bunch more boxes that you can think of! We are proud of what we do and we just love working with schools!

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