One thing that we have learned is to change with the times.  Adapting how we provide support and training to suit the needs of schools and leaders has been paramount to the success of our business, of all of our projects and certainly of all ongoing training.

About Us

Just because we aren't there doesn't mean to say that we aren't there...

Technology allows us now to carry out a  great deal of our business remotely.  Is that a good thing? Well, to be honest we've always prided ourselves that our face-to-face relationships with our schools as being a unique factor in our favour. Being local to our schools in Northamptonshire is seen as really good for our schools. Yet with the outbreak of Coronavirus in 2020 it made such personal visits often unachievable and for a considerable amount of time.

This didn't mean to say though that everything ground to a halt. In fact it was fantastic to see our schools responding to innovative ways of working and supporting - indeed expecting - video business and training meetings.  Being there in person is always the but when that's not possible the technology helps us fill in the gap.

Ongoing, online training

All of our schools benefit from ongoing training, at no cost as long as they subscribe to our basic standard support service plan. Normally we perform these face-to-face in the school premises but it is becoming more frequent now that online training is provided. The fantastic news is we have been able to establish online face-to-face support and training at a moment's notice so in fact our responsiveness has increased and our schools love it!

Remote Online Training